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300ml shower gel,300ml bubble bath,120ml body lotion,50ml body scrub,50g bath bomb,Waffle towel,Raffia,Wood chip basket


200ml shower gel 200ml bubble bath 150ml body lotion 50ml body scrub Wood nubby massager Raffia Wooden box


300ml shower gel 300ml bubble bath 150ml body lotion 125ml body mist 175ml bath salt 150g shimmer bath bomb Glove Wooden box


250ml shower gel 250ml bubble bath 90ml body lotion 50ml body scrub Round pumice Raffia Plastic pipe wire basket


400ml shower gel 400ml bubble bath 120ml foot lotion 190ml body mist 60g candle 100g bath salt EVA pouf Hair band Glove in PVC box Wooden box


210ml shower gel 210ml body lotion 100g bath salt 100ml body scrub 70g candle 15g mesh pouf Wooden box


10ml essential oil 60g candle 70g bath bomb*3pcs Confetti Hemp rope Opp bag Wooden box


150ml shower gel 150ml body lotion 50g bath bomb*2pcs PVC cover Wooden nail brush Hemp rope Confetti Wooden box


ENTICING VANILLA ♥ Close your eyes, inhale deeply and transport yourself into a world of luscious beauty! Who can resist the tantalizing notes of vanilla as they sooth, relax and invigorate your body and spirit? Nothing beats the rich and vibrant fragrance of vanilla. Let your sense be enveloped by its charming embrace.


210ml shower gel 210ml bubble bath 130ml body lotion 120ml body mist 100g bath salt 70g bath bomb Wooden nail brush with pumice Coral sock Wooden box


150ml shower gel 150ml body lotion 50g candle 70G bath bomb*2pcs Wooden basket